L.K. Olson Hardware History

Lew K. Olson founded L.K. Olson Hardware in 1945. The store was originally located on the corner of East 50th Street and 34th Avenue South. In 1949, Lew moved the store into a building he built on the corner of East 42nd Street and 28th Avenue South. In 1965, Lew had a stroke so he turned the business over to his daughter, Doris Olson (Dorie).

Dorie and her brother-in-law jointly ran the store for a couple of years until he decided to pursue other interests. At this time the store was L.K. Olson 'OK' Hardware. Dorie ran the store herself from then until she retired in 1982, when she sold the store to Leroy Fish.

Leroy ran the store for 10 years until his retirement in 1992, when he sold the store to a partnership, Lee Bourbon and Dave Johnson. Lee and Dave changed the branding to True Value and hired a manager who ran the store (now Olson True Value) for them until August, 1995. This was when Lee and Dave sold the store to Jim and Lisa Hudson, who are the present owners.

In June, 2000, Jim and Lisa changed the store branding to Ace and the store became Olson's Ace Hardware. In 2005, Jim and Lisa bought a larger building less than a block away and moved the store to its present location on East 42nd Street and 29th Avenue South. It was at this time that the store's name changed from Olson's Ace Hardware to Hudson Hardware.

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